Who am I?

I’m an epidemiology graduate student at Columbia University with an interest in how the social world affects health.

Resume and Projects

  • Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of Intervene Upstream, the public health publication for graduate students.
  • I co-manage a research project trying to understand food insecurity and SNAP administration during COVID-19 – COVID SNAP Project.

Popular Press

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Tettamanti, N. (2019). Too Trans for Science: Finding Pride and Community in the Face of Occupational Segregation. Medium.com Publication TheStartup. Retrieved from: https://link.medium.com/hi65Oav7LX

Tettamanti, N. (2018). The Thinning Veil and Humanity in Anatomy. In Training (the Online Peer-reviewed Publication for Medical Students). Retrieved from http://in-training.org/thinning-veil-humanity-anatomy-15633