Nicky Tettamanti is a strategic, systems-thinking public health professional. Her work focuses on health philanthropy, health policy, social epidemiology, and the health of gender and sexual minorities.

She is currently working as a research associate at the Peterson Center on Healthcare, where she supports a portfolio of grants that build analytic capacity to improve the affordability, value, and performance of the US health care system. Prior to the Center, Ms. Tettamanti was the Healthy Lives Program Fellow at the New York Community Trust where she supported grantmaking projects to deliver efficient, patient-focused, equitable, and cost-effective health and behavioral health services and projects aimed at developing the skills and independence of people with special needs.

Outside of the Center, her research focuses on improving the health of gender and sexual minorities and elucidating the relationship between consumer financial protection and public health. Her research on the intersection between gender and health has been presented at the Society of Epidemiological Research Meeting, and the American Public Health Association Annual Expo. She has also presented research at trade conferences – such as the Data Extraction Summit – and written for venues such as Social Work Today Magazine, in-training, Intervene Upstream, and The Startup.

Prior to working in philanthropy, she worked on NIH-funded clinical trials in translational neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University and in HIV prevention and health promotion for people living with HIV at the Columbia University School of Nursing.

As a transgender woman and activist, she has provided transgender competency training for health and social service providers, organized queer women in the scientific community, and researched reproductive health restrictions for the Southern Hospitals Report published by the Law, Rights, and Religion at Columbia School of Law. She also was the founding editor-in-chief of Intervene Upstream, a public health publication for graduate students. Nicky has also advocated for disability rights through her work at the Disability Resource Center at UNLV and providing digital literacy training to clients of Oregon’s Vocational Rehabilitation program.

She has a Master of Public Health from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health where she focused on epidemiology and the social determinants of health. She also has a B.S. in General Science with a focus on chemistry and psychology from the University of Oregon.

Articles Published in Popular Press

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Research Assistance

Law, Rights, and Religion Project, Columbia Law School. (2021). “The Southern Hospitals Report: Faith, Culture, and Abortion Bans in the U.S. South.

Academic and Industry Oral Presentations

N. Tettamanti, C. Zaw, V. Edelson, J. Cargill, F. Bana, K. Hazel. (2021). “A platform for uplifting student voices and strengthening social connection: Intervene upstream, the public health publication for graduate students.” American Public Health Association 2021. (Presented by C. Zaw).

N. Tettamanti, J. Boone-Heinonen, S. Andrea, (2020). “Adherence to Gender-Typical Behavior as a Determinant of Occupational Health: Gender and Occupational Differences in Associations Between Gender Adherence and C-Reactive Protein in a Nationally Representative Cohort.” Society of Epidemiological Research Conference 2020.

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Academic Posters

Tettamanti, N., Gordon, A., Bockting, W. (2020). “Non-Conformity in Gender Expression Associated with Discrimination Among Cisgender, but not Transgender, People in a National Probability Sample, TransPop.” Department of Epidemiology, Master’s Student Day 2020, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University 

Tettamanti, N. (2020). “Reducing institutional barriers faced by transgender survivors of violence: Development of the transgender anti-violence codebook.” American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo 2020

Interviews with Media

2020: Besche, John. Supporting Queer Scientists During a Pandemic. Lady Science.

Community Service: Facilitation, Hosting, Training, and Panel

2019: Hosted “Bias in Health Care Roundtable,” Mt. Sinai Public Health Professional Development Conference

2018: Panelist for Transgender Health Program, “Prescribing Gender Affirming Hormones Community Panel,” School of Nursing, Oregon Health & Science University.

2018: Hosted “Queer Women in Science – Science Wire Panel,” Women In Science, Portland, OR.   

2017: Panelist for Our Whole Lives Community Panel on Sexuality and Gender Across Lifespan, Unitarian Universalist Church, Eugene, OR

2016-2017: Facilitated training for “Supporting Transgender Survivors of Sexual Assault,” Presented three times, Sexual Assault Support Services, Eugene, OR.

Non Peer-Review Articles

N. Tettamanti. 2018. “Pulling Teeth to Get Help” – Barriers Facing Transgender Survivors of Sexual Assault When Accessing Support Services and Potential Solutions. 10.31235/